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Teaching Vocabulary by using of English Comic

A. Concept of Vocabulary
Whenever we think of language learning, we usually think of mastery of vocabulary. It is due to the fact that vocabulary supports the speakers in communication to express their ideas.
Cameron ( 2001:94) says that a major resource for language used has been vocabulary. In language terms, the development of words, the meaning and the links between them will be covered under the term vocabulary.
The writer can find a statement that use certain technique in teaching become important. The main factor effecting this success is the proper method to the certain subject.

B. Definition of Vocabulary
Vocabulary is one of the language components which should be mastered by English learners, vocabulary has role, which parallels with grammar to help the learners mastering for language skills. Vocabulary development is also about learning more about those words, finding words inside them, and learning even more about those words.
Hornby (1995 : 1331) defines vocabulary as “a total number of words in a language which words known to a person or used in a particular book, subject, etc”. Whereas Hallyday (1982 : 1255) says that vocabulary is a list of collection words use in language science book and etc.
According to Longman, vocabulary is words knows, learnt, etc. (Longman Dictionary, 1992 : 1467) it means the stock of words which are known, learnt, used by people to communicate. Finocchiaro that is quoted by Jack Richard (1979 : 182), mentioned that vocabulary is content and function words of a language that are learned so through that they used in performance of any communicative. From the statements above the writer concludes that vocabulary is a list a content words that is used to express the idea or in the other meaning it is used of general communication.
So, vocabulary is the one important thing besides many factors in learning English. Without mastering vocabulary, it is impossible to master English well. The more students get the vocabulary it makes easier for students to increase their English.

C. Teaching Vocabulary
Teaching English as a foreign language for Indonesia is not an easy thing to apply. The teacher are demanded to be successful. An affective teaching is the basic factor for the success of teaching learning process to prepare an affective teaching.

D. Teaching Vocabulary by using of English comic.
Teaching vocabulary by using of English comic here means that the students identify and study words from the context on the comic reading.
Story from comic offers a whole imaginary world, created by language that students can learn and enjoy. Story from comic is designed to entertain, so the teacher choose and use world with particular care to keep the students and the other space for growth in vocabulary and language development. The teacher has to identify the language use in language that already met.

E. The Principles of Teaching Vocabulary
In teaching vocabulary, the teacher has the job of managing the students meaning to do the target vocabulary. According to Wallace (1998:27-30), there are principles on teaching vocabulary are based :
1. Aims
The aims have to be clear for the teacher, it means that in the process of teaching learning, the teacher has the clear aims or goal, the teacher should teach everything on giving vocabulary.

2. Quantity
The teacher has to decide the quantity of vocabulary, which is learned. Decide the quantity of new vocabulary, which in teaching learning process is very important. And to decide it depends on the students’ condition. The teacher should limit the number of word or phrase that will be taught to h\the students. Therefore, in teaching vocabulary using reading an English comic, not all words to be learn by the students.

3. Need
The students are put in a situation where they have to communicate and get the words they need, as he need them, using the teacher as information, the teacher is as the information of the students need about the vocabulary learn.

4. Meaningful Presentation
The teacher shows the target words with the clear meaning and does not make double meaning or the teacher should give a clear understanding about the words phrases give to the students by using reading an English comic in teaching vocabulary.
Teacher who teach vocabulary, however, still have responsibility to make their teaching successful.

5. Situation Presentation
In teaching vocabulary, the teacher has to explain clearly to the students on how to know meaning of words in content words; it is based on the many aspects.

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